Acquire the first and only manufacturer of Lubricating Greases, Oils, Brake Fluid and Coolant in one of the SEZ near Western Port. The buyer can manufacture other products like Petroleum Jelly, detergent slurry, Soaps etc. with the present set-up. The business has semi-automatic plant. Manufacturing Capacity (Single Shift) :- (A) Lubricating Greases : 1500 MT (Lithium Lithium Complex, HT Clay, Calcium, Calcium Complex, Barium Complex Soap Greases) Technology - Pressure Vessel Reactor, Thermic Fluid Heater (B) Lubricating Oils : 3000 KL (C) Petroleum Jelly : 1500 MT (D) Additional Products: Detergent Slurry, Bath Soaps, Liquid / Paint / Ink Blending any process requiring high temperature / pressure can be done in present set-up.; Area approx. - 3000 Sq. Mtr; Liability - No Bank or Third Party Liability; Growth Potential: Double the Capacity with Minimum Investment of Single Vessel; Export / Import Benefit: No Customs Duty, FOREX Account, NO Taxes & Duties; Customers: The business has an established customer base of reputed Lube Oil Brands in Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Europe etc. Asking price: Rs. 3 Crores.Watch Video Clip for this Listing.


Available on request

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