This Partnership business is operational since 2013. There are 2 partners.
Currently, they are serving 6 US-based clients. Total area of the premise is 6000 sq.ft. and the number of employees working are 54.
* Property preservation and inspection services to include reviews, order management, vendor recruitment, vendor management, utility turn-ons, VPRs, bids preparation and upload, invoice management, etc.
* Mortgage Services: Property Preservation and Inspection services, Loan Processing, Real Estate Agent services, Environmental Issues Management.
* Workforce Management Solutions.
* Customer Services.
* IT Services: Software Development, Software Products.
Infrastructure: 100 Desktops, 1 Server, 20 KVA UPS, Centralized AC.
The turnover for the FY 2017-18 was INR 1.5 Cr with a net profit of INR INR 25 lakhs. Asking price is INR 2 Cr. (all inclusive)



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