They have acquired the All India Exclusive Distribution Rights for the only device used to detect the process of AMD/ARMD at an early stage and are looking to partner with individuals / organizations that are interested in joining with them on their mission to control this avoidable blindness. The program aims at establishing ARMD Scan Centers which can be a part of a hospital, clinic or an independent center.

ARMD blindness is one of the biggest challenges faced by the society today as it leads to financial, psychological and emotional trauma for not just the victim but their families as well. AMD/ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) is one of the biggest causes of blindness and the only cure for it is early detection. Their aim is to detect the process of ARMD at the earliest stage possible and help prevent its progression till the stage of blindness. This disease doesn’t create any symptoms of its progression. When it gives any symptom i.e. blurring of central vision, it is already too late. Working on this idea they have come across a device invented and manufactured in U.S.A that can definitively gauge the early process of ARMD and hence help to prevent its progression.

Any individual like Doctor, Optician or Business man as well as organizations like Hospitals, Clinics, Investors, Financers or Government organizations can be a part of this opportunity. This is a great opportunity to earn a good income with less effort.

They are also trying to get pre-funding arrangement from banks for the clients wanting to open the centre. The company ensures to provide 2500 patients in 3 years from their side. The company would provide all the marketing, promotional and technical support. They have various Partnership Offers that can be discussed with the interested party. For more details check the files attached and Watch Video Clip for this Listing.


To have local partners for fast and effective presence in the market.

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