Beyond Boundaries Entertainment Private Limited is an indoor entertainment attraction company based in Chennai. We currently have set up I Play in Phoenix Market City, Chennai a multi entertainment zone with an investment of Rs. 12 Crores. I Play currently houses 3 attractions - XD Cinema, Snow Play Area and Holographic Theater. We are in the verge of signing up with India’s most popular cartoon character to set up a world class indoor attraction similar to the one in Universal Studios. We propose to set up 25 Locations across India. We are also negotiating to sign up with a theme / design company based in USA who have designed and themed various renowned attractions including few for Universal Studios, Disneyland etc to create 3 unique attractions with a budget of Rs. 1.5 Crores per attraction per location and set up the same in 75 locations across India. We propose to set up the 75 Locations through company own investment and franchise model. We are seeking strategic investment partner for the above mentioned business plans and thereby to become the market leaders in the entertainment business. Amount: Rs. 15 Cr. Please LOGIN to see the attached document for more information.


Strategic financial investment partner required to expand the business

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