Ours is a 1 year old online photographers’ social network, where we would like to connect photographers from across the world on a common platform with different mediums, example: photography competition, photography tour and etc. We began as a photography competition website, with an aim to uplift and recognise the exponentially growing photography community in India. Many highly talented photographers in India have been uploading their photos merely on social media websites. Through our platform’s unique online competitions, we plan to reward such talented photographers. The beta version of the website was a great success, with large number of registrations from India and abroad. We now plan to launch the final version with a lot of new and exciting features. We have also included a market place so that the photographers can earn through their pictures. The market place will also enable the buyers to get amazing photos at very competitive prices. We need funds to grow the business. Investment amount can be discussed.


We started with the project and got feedback. We need funds for implying as per the feedback of the audience and users of the website.

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