We are The Only Company Worldwide to have Developed successfully The Safest & Healthiest Alternate Cola Formula to Coke & Pepsi Colas which are known to be poisonous. We are also The Only Company in The World to be using One of the BEST Waters in the World to treat the water that going into the beverage range as solvent . We are the First Premium Cola Worldwide backed by World Class Technology from our R&D in USA. We have successfully created a better tasting Cola than Coke and Pepsi and plan to launch across 7 - 10 countries in the next 7 years. The size of the beverage industry worldwide is approximately around 140 Billion USD. Of this, India contributes around USD 8 Billion (Rs. 48,000 Crores) with a growth rate of 8% - 12% CAGR. Contribution of colas is 50% plus. Consumer survey has thrown up this opportunity asking for an alternate to Coke and Pepsi which can offer safety and health as tangibles which we have successfully developed in our prototypes. Our Formula is our own proprietary and comes with Worlds best certifications of safety and health. We are looking for an investment of Rs. 75 - 120 Crores to start the manufacturing and distribution of these products in Northern India to start with. Please LOGIN to read the attached teaser document.


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