It's a Biomedical company established and led by a team of highly qualified technologists having PhD degrees together with international experience in cutting-edge medical device product development. The company is involved in indigenous research, development and commercialization of bioactive and other specialty glass materials and ceramic products for bone and tooth repair. Their product development focuses on both standard compositions as well as patented proprietary formulations. Over the years, they have developed a range of improved materials that combine innovation with exceptional quality and highly competitive pricing.
Partners:The Company is strongly backed by the Government through funding from Department of Biotechnology, certification from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, and support from initiatives such as StartUp India and Make in India
Product: Their flagship products are synthetic absorbable bone void filler materials/bone graft substitutes made from bioactive glass materials. Standard compositions of these materials are clinically proven to stimulate bone regeneration, with several decades of clinical data demonstrating their safety and efficacy. Patented formulations have been developed by the product development team so as to improve upon the commercially available bone grafting products. The products are manufactured in the form of Granules, Putty and Blocks.
Intended use: The products are intended for filling of bony defects that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bone structure. They are mainly used in dentistry and orthopaedic surgeries to repair and regenerate bone in areas of bone loss caused by injuries or disease.
Rationale: To meet the rapidly increasing demand first in the domestic market and subsequently in international markets, the promoters are now looking to partner through JV with an organization involved in the manufacturing and commercialization of biomedical devices.


Want to expand the production to meet high demand

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