Digital Personal Loans, march

Clientele Type

We serve blue collar and white collar salaried people PAN India.


The whole of process of Customer Acquisition & Marketing is done online digital marketing and some offline campaigns.

Asking Price Includes

interest rate of 14-16%


We require debt for scaling up, marketing, and working capita

Other Details

This Fintech company is operational since March 2019.
There are 3 directors in total 2 of them are IITians and One of the directors has a family-owned NBFC.
There are 200+ loan providing platforms but none of them are able to provide funds as fast as they can.
With the help of tools like AI and ML, they are able to serve blue collar salaried people. They are re-imagining credit in India for the underserved. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, they are able to verify a customers eligibility in seconds and disburse him the loan amount through IMPS in minutes. No platform currently provides 24*7 loans except this.
They have achieved break-even and made profits of INR 20 lakhs.
There is a total of 2.20 lakhs registered users.
Active users are 95,000.
They have achieved break-even and made profits of INR 20 lakhs.
Directors are looking to raise funds via debt of INR 5 cr with an interest rate of 12-14%.

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