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The Bakery Provides Freshly Prepared Bakery and Pastry Products at All times during Business Operations.
They offer a variety of Baked Goods Specializing in Doughnuts, Cookies, Banket, Biscotti and other sweet baked goods!

Clientele Type

Tanishq, Indian Bank, Kovai Pazhamudir, Neelayam, Capgemni etc


2500 sq ft Production Unit equipped with fully Automated and Imported Machineries.

Asking Price Includes

equity stakes


Expansion to two other different cities along with plan to open 100 kisoks

Other Details

This Famous Bakery Business is started in 2015 based in Hosur, Tamil Nadu and now have 8 other outlets (Franchisees) in Tamil Nadu
They have opened two more franchises of the cafe and a restaurant in 2020. One in Coimbatore in the month of September and the other one in October 2020 in Hosur.
The Bakery is specialized in manufacturing doughnuts, cookies, banket, biscotti, and other sweet baked goods
For the other 3 Franchisees, they are charging 42 to 45 Lakhs for full set-up includes inventory, Storage, etc
They are serving 6 to 7 Corporates and Banks regularly and planning to capture big MNCs
They are advertising through various channels like Distributors, TV & Radio Campaigns, etc.
The business offers a good ROI on the invested amount and it’s a highly viable project.

They have opened one more franchise in Bangalore in the month of November 2020. And right now they are looking to give out Master Franchises

This business is going to achieve high returns in the coming months because of tie-ups with reliance stores for branded kiosks.

Financial Details
Turnover for the FY 17-18 is INR 82,77,860.
Turnover for the FY 18-19 is INR 99,54,700.
Turnover for FY19-20 is INR 1,17,46,546.

Road Ahead They have a tie-up with Big MNC company who is planning to set-up 100 kiosks and for that this Business is appointed to supply the Bakery Products.
For that, they are looking to raise funds of anything between INR 2-3 cr, and they also open for franchise.

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