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PATENTED, National Award-winning AC Product which is the World's first & only PLC(Programmable Logic Controller ) energy saver retrofit for Air Conditioners, with some unique features: The world's only Controller that can precisely maintain the set temperature and offer attractive savings of upto 35% with an ROI of 3-6 months. The Unique "Temperature Lock" feature offers ADDITIONAL savings of up to 30%- a combined savings of 50-60%, ROI -3. The easy Touch interface allows you to maximize savings at all times-customize the AC for your climatic conditions with a one-time program. Senses Room, coil & Ambient conditions to ensure the precise set temperature is maintained at all times.

Clientele type

Cement Industry, Paper Industry, Tyre Industry, E-commerce, Logistics, Banks, and much more



Lease per month (in INR): 40,000

Security Deposit (in INR): 70,000

Carpet Area: 1,500 sq ft

premium area in central kolkata- business can be relocated overnight .

Asking Price Includes

Patent rights, technology, software, know-how, source code, hex files, design and registered trade mark, goodwill existing customer base. Positive cash flow. Tangible- testing equipment and office furniture.


Age and health, I am now 70 yrs old and indifferent to health.

Other Details

The WORLD'S FIRST PATENTED Air Conditioner Electricity Saver Programmable Logic Controller is the world's first & only one to save upto 35% with a Payback of just 3-6 months. There are 2 Bn ACs worldwide and more than 45 Mn ACs in India. mfg capacity is unlimited. A Highly Profitable, growing business - this is the first and only Patented Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) retrofit in the world, with little competition. There is no competitive product in the world. The product ensures attractive savings on Inverters and Non-Inverters and is suitable for 0.5 Ton-20.0 Ton ACs. Additionally, it offers savings of up to 30% from its unique ' temperature lock' feature, and many customers report savings of up to 50-60% and a payback of 2-3 months only. The business is evaluated based on the financials and high Gross profit of 450%, huge market size of over 500 mn ACs worldwide, and low fixed costs. Little or no working capital is required and there is a high positive cash flow from Day 1. This can easily be relocated to any city or country and requires very little operation area of less than 1500 sq ft. THE USP: 1. It maintains (and displays) sets temperature precisely and offers up to 35% savings. 2. The product is the only PLC to be able to save electricity in equipment cooling applications, yet maintain the set point and offer attractive paybacks and increase the compressor life. 3. The only AC saver that works in the very hot Gulf countries This product is a programmable, customizable, retrofit, microcomputer, which can be easily installed in just a few minutes and is simple to use. The Only AC SAVER in the world to receive the Prestigious "NATIONAL AWARD FOR INNOVATIONS" from C.I.I.-GBC. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION: The product received the coveted "National Award for Energy Innovation" from CII -GBC in 2018. The World's only AC saver to be certified by : 1. CII-GBC for 35% savings on conventional ACs, and also 25% on Inverter ACs. 2. E.E.S.L., (MIN. OF POWER, GOVT OF INDIA) for 33% and 44% savings in two separate trials. 3. LG Ltd for 25% on Inverter AC's The product was nominated and shortlisted for: 1. United Nations Cleantech Award in 2017 2. Tie 50 Silicon Valley in 2018. 3. HVAC U.K. 4. RAC U.K. for energy innovations andsustainable solutions. - The market in India alone is 40 Mn AC's and globally there more than 500 Mn AC's - We have a good base of excellent corporate customers. - Easy to relocate business to any country/city in the world. - We have been on the market commercially for the last 7 years and it has been well accepted in India and many countries. - We have served over 2,000 corporate clients pan India and overseas. - The firm is debt free.


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cutting edge disruptive electronic manufacturing energy saving exponential growth potential Highly Profitable Patented Products

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