A GMP Approved Pharma Mfg plant in Kullu is listed for sale

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We have license to produce more than 60 proprietary well known ayurvedic medicines in the form of tablets, syrup, powders, oils, drops, lotions, ointments; ranging from anti-haemorrhoidal, styptic, to check leucorrhoea, for Dysmenorrhoea, female infertility, common cold, tonsillitis, anti-infective, antipyretic, hypertension, PVDs, Hypercholesterolemia, anxiety and depression, anaemia arthritis etc. We also manufacture more than 200 shastriya/ classic ayurvedic medicines in the form of Rasa, Vati, Loh, Mandoor, Taila, Ghrit, Bhasma , pishti, chrana etc.

Clientele type

We are serving the General Medical Practitioners of the state as well as the Himachal Pradesh govt through the Directorate of Ayurveda, on rate tender basis, right from the date of inception.


Our unit is situated in a 1100 sq. yard, long leased plot of the Govt. Industrial area for 95 years with a provision of renewal of lease. The detail of the building and premises are as follows:- Sr. No. Particulars Specifications in Feets (Ht. 9 ft.) Manufacturing Space available 1. Factory Shed 54x40 ft 2160 sq. ft. 1.a Disintegrator/ Chattu 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. 1.b Pulverizer 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. 1.c Powder mixer/Mass mixer 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. Mechanical Kharal 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. 1.d Furnace/ Bhatti Section 20x10 ft 200 sq. ft. Ointment making Paka/Avaleh/ Syrup 1.e Tablet Making Section 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. 1.f Pill Making Section Multimill 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. 1.g Coating & Polishing 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. 1.h Dryer 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. 1.i Liquid/ Powder Filling & Sealing 10x10 ft 100 sq. ft. 1.j Fermentation/ Asava 30x10 ft 300 sq. ft. 1.k Bhasma Section 8x34 ft 272 sq. ft. 1.l Tool Room 8x20 ft 160 sq. ft. 2. Stores 2.a Raw Material Store 24x11 ft 264 sq. ft. 2.b Finished Goods Store 13x10 ft 130 sq. ft. 2.c Rejected Goods Store 8.5x13 ft 110.5 sq. ft. 2.d Packaging Materials 8.5x13 ft 110.5 sq. ft. 3. Away from Mfg. Area 3.a Bottle Washing 10.5x25.5 ft 267.75 sq. ft. 3.b Laboratory 13x12 ft 156 sq. ft. 3.c Administrative Block with toilets 13x13 ft 169 sq. ft. 13x 6.5 ft. 84.5 sq. ft. 3.d Workers Retiring Room with washing & toilets 13x13 ft 169 sq. ft. 3.e Herb Garden 45x30 ft 1350 sq. ft. Total 4643.25 sq. ft. Over and above we have a residential Ist floor having an area of 1100 sq.ft.

Asking Price Includes

Building and machinery, furniture and fixture, the plot lease deed can easily be transferred. The unit has a valid license to manufacture the above medicines upto 2023 along with GMP licences for each section. We shaal part with the proprietary and generic wrights for the medicines. The lease transfer charges are to be born by the buyer.


Retire because of age

Other Details

The proprietor having interest in other professional areas, including private medical practice, horticulture etc; the unit has wast scope to increase sale and production as the products are famous in the internet as well.


Business Tags

ample space Approvals can be started immediately Huge potential Licences Quality Products with Brand name Wide range of Products

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