Business was started in February 2018, located in one of the good residential area of Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad.It is spread upon in the area of 2,100 sq.ft. The place is on lease with monthly rent of INR 24,000 and INR 70,000 of security deposit.
Gaming options:
Two of Play Stations-4
Two of Play Stations-3
One Xbox-1
Two Carrom boards and Chess boards
One Table Tennis and one Pool Table
Punching bags
Air Gun
Six 42" LED TV
Good seating arrangement with relaxing bean bags and chairs.

They have two revenue models:
They charge customers on an hour basis.
Monthly membership
The average daily footfall is 25 and on weekend it reach upto 40.
Till now 8 monthly membership .
It has separate dedicated room where food court could be made and birthday parties and events could also be organized.

The turnover from Feb-18 to Mar-18 was INR 1 lakh and
Apr-18 to May-18 was INR 1.22 lakhs.
They expect FY 19 turnover to be INR 9 lakhs and net profit of INR 4 lakhs.
The asking price is INR 5.50 lakhs (including security deposit).


Moving to Bangalore

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