We have a fast food franchise shop in the heart of Ahmedabad – Law garden. It is successfully running with good response since last 4 months. In the shop we sell fast food items like Vadapav, Franky, Sandwich, Garlic bread, Pav Bhaji, Pizza, Burger, French fries, Mocktails, Cold drinks, Ice cream etc. I am doing change of hands because I have to travel abroad. Ready set up where you have to pay Single cost for all the items including franchise fee. Please note Shop is on rent and rent is 55,000 per month. Shop size is 555 Sqft. of which 15% is super-built-up. We make an average weekly revenue around INR 42,000. We have already reached the break-even point. Asking Price: INR 21 Lacs. This includes kitchen equipments, entire set-up, deposit and franchise fee.


Traveling abroad for a few years

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