Hotel, Banquet, Discotheque, Restaurants

Clientele Type

Foreign and Indian Tourists


Plot Area : 21000 Sq ft. Built up Area : 80000 sq ft (including Basement, Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor + Swimming Pool + Lush Green Garden+ Roof Top Restaurant )
Number of Rooms : 73 (including 4 Executive suites & 7 Royal Suites). Reception (Uniquely designed reception area (20' x 6'). Waiting Lounge (59' x 34')
Restaurants (85 Covers on 1st Floor) (48' x 45').Bar (30 Pax) (37’ x 24'). Coffee Shop (25 pax on Ground floor)
Smoking Zone (25 pax on Ground floor) (75’ X 9’).Discotheque (with live Bar counters) (37' x 33'). Gaming Zone (35' x 24'). Large Garden 6200 Sq. Ft.
Swimming Pool (W-17' / L - 32' / Depth 4.50 feet).Laundry Section (In house washing / drying / ironing facilities).Banquet Hall (Large) (82' x 45' ) (Pax 280).Banquet Hall (Small)(46' x 32') (Pax 100)
Spa & Saloon (1 Fully Equipped Saloon, 3 Single spa, 1 Couple Spa with Jacuzzi, Sauna & Steam bath)
Waiting Lounge (59' x 34'). Board Room (25 Pax) (26' x 23'). Lobby Area (on all floors) (49' x 18').

Asking Price Includes

The company and Hotel Asset


The promoter needs capital currently

Other Details

Roof Top Restaurant (Open to Air with Hill view all the sides with separate Kitchen, office & Wash rooms).Fitness Centre (Fully Equipped State of the Art).Bakery (Fully equipped)
Fire Control duly certified and fully operational. It has 2 Guest Lifts and 1 Service Lift
It has fully equipped kitchen, large sized store room, Bar Store (As per Central Excise Norms), Housekeeping store
The other facilities are Maintenance Store,Administrative & Housekeeping offices, Staff cafeteria, Driver’s Rest Room, Fully equipped with CCTV surveillance.

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