We have a chain of 18 franchised Single Brand Mobility Retail outlets, stores cater to the end consumers and have many repeat customers. The outlet gives a customer a premium touch & feel experience. All stores have the same look and feel in terms of layout & product. The Brand provides a product promoter and exclusive availability of new products. The Brand is committed to the promotion and expansion of the franchise store concept across the country in line with the brands ambition of reaching out the last mile. The stores are located in Delhi (11), Tamil Nadu (5) and Bangalore (2). Single Brand Retail is a growing and evolving concept in India and is the way forward all major, growing and upcoming premium brands is adopting to have the last mile connect with consumers. Competitors will be other Single Brand Outlets of same/ similar product lineup in the same catchment area apart from Multi Brand Outlets. Currently there are 75 employees. The cost of making the stores operational is roughly 20 Lakhs/store. Last year turnover Rs. 35 Cr. As owners are busy with other business want to sell chain of 18 stores at very attractive price of Rs. 5 Cr.


to unlock capital and be focussed on core area

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