Started in Feb 2016, we are into zinc galvanizing (using electroplating) of steel straps of various sizes and thickness. These straps can be used for packing and strapping of heavy materials for export and local purpose. It is situated near Indore. Have types of machinery like 4 rectifiers, Gearbox and Motors Compressor, chemical filter unit and Coiler etc. Capacity is 50 to 60 tonnes per month. Plot size is 150 X 200 i.e 30,000 sq.ft, Lease for 30 years. Shed sizes are 120 X 40, with boundary wall, office, watchman room, guestroom, storeroom, and underground water tank. Rent amount per month is INR 39,000 per annum to Government. Last year turnover is INR 35 lacs. Asking Price INR 1.5 Cr.


While there is plenty of demand for our product, we are not able to achieve the economies of scale due to shortage of working capital.

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