The company is more than 40-year-old and has a well-maintained relationship with customers spans several decades. The company has customers who are based in India as well as internationally. the company is located in middle of the city. The unit has state of the art machinery from prestigious companies such as Roland (Japan), The employees are Loyal and skilled with decades of experience in the printing business.

Potential for tremendous cost rationalization.
Currently, company is constrained by the ageing promoter, but with a more hands-on approach potential to spectacularly grow the business.
Cash accruals from a business over the next 4 years could be easily between INR 9-10 Cr even with meagre revenue growth. Low threat of digitisation of religious books as consumer preference for physical books. Given the relationship based nature of the industry, barriers to entry for a company to organically grow in the religious book segment is quite high. According to Economic Times, the market size for religious books in India is over 1 Billion USD.
Option to buy the company with or without the real estate.
Average revenue of around 7.5-10 crore per year in the last 4 years.
Average gross profit very high (50%)
Track record of being always consistently EBITDA positive
Almost zero debt company
The Asking price of the business is INR 9 Cr (Negotiable).


The promoter is 80+ year old and is looking to retire and next generation has an own successful business.

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