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We have dedicated ourselves to providing an integrated educational program of the highest quality. strong focus on comprehensive preparation for competitive exams and a clear path to future career success. The Integrated Programs cater to students in grades 6th-8th and prepare them for exams like NSO, IMO, IEO, NMO, IGKO, and their school syllabus. The Foundation Integrated Program is tailored for students in grades 9th-10th, allowing mastery of NTSE, NLSTSE, INO, IOS, KVPY, IMO, NDA, and the school curriculum. Finally, the Post Foundation Integrated Programs are designed for students in grades 11th/PU I and 12th/PU II, propelling them toward success in IIT-JEE, NEET, NDA, CDS, SSB, CA/CPT, UPSC/PCS, SSC, banking services, and their school subjects. Product Features: Cutting-Edge Resources: We offer the latest study materials, assignments, and exam-focused content that align with the most current syllabus and exam patterns. Tech-Driven Learning: Leveraging our Learning Management System (LMS), we provide access to recorded lectures, study materials, and national-level test series, enhancing the learning outcomes of our students. Track Your Progress: Regular online assessments allow us to evaluate student performance. We offer feedback and guidance to help improve their weaker areas, and students can benchmark their progress against peers with our All India rank monitoring. Tech-Infused Learning: We employ technology to deliver live classes, recorded lectures, mobile apps, and test preparation tools that make learning interactive and engaging for our students.

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Students, aspirants, college students, coaching classes, schools, working professionals, and more.


They are headquartered in Bangalore.

Asking Price Includes

The terms of transaction will be discussed with potential investors.


Expansion, innovation, enhancement and growth of the business.

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Information Provided by the founding team: According to research and assumptions, we estimate our market size as follows: - TAM (Total Addressable Market): 260 million students in grades 6th-12th in India. - SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market): 52 million students in grades 6th-12th in urban and semi-urban areas in India. - SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market): 10.4 million students in grades 6th-12th who have a keen interest in competitive exams and future career paths in India. Our product differentiators include: Holistic Approach: We cover all subjects and topics relevant to competitive exams and future career paths, offering comprehensive preparation. Strong Foundations: Our focus lies in building strong conceptual clarity and problem-solving skills to help students excel in competitive exams and future academic pursuits. Proven Excellence: With a track record of producing top engineering, medical, and scientific talents who achieve remarkable results in national and international exams, our excellence speaks for itself. Expert Faculty: Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced faculty members from esteemed institutions such as IITs, NITs, and AIIMS. They offer personalized attention and mentorship to our students. Marketing Strategy Target Market Segment: Our primary target includes students in grades 4th-12th enrolled in schools across India, with a particular emphasis on urban and semi-urban areas where the demand for quality education and competitive exam preparation is high. Value Proposition: We offer a holistic approach that spans Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mental Abilities. This provides comprehensive preparation for a wide range of competitive exams and future career paths. We deliver our integrated program directly within school classrooms, ensuring every student benefits from our innovative approach. Additionally, we provide cutting-edge resources, technology-driven learning, progress tracking, and expert faculty to enrich the learning experience. Positioning Statement: Foundation for Excellence is the preeminent integrated educational program delivering quality education to students in schools across India. We are the preferred choice for students aspiring to achieve academic excellence and secure lucrative career opportunities. Our Innovative Approach It serves as the antidote to India's educational challenges. We offer a comprehensive solution that encompasses Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mental Abilities. This approach provides all-encompassing preparation for a myriad of competitive exams and sets students on the path to promising future careers. We deliver this integrated program directly within school classrooms, ensuring that every student can benefit from our innovative education model. Moreover, we provide cutting-edge resources, technology-driven learning experiences, trackable progress monitoring, and expert faculty to enrich the educational journey of our students. Why This Moment is Pivotal The Indian education sector is poised for exceptional growth, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16% from 2020 to 2025, reaching a valuation of $225 billion by 2025. Several factors contribute to this opportune moment: - The burgeoning demand for quality education among Indian students and parents who aspire for academic excellence and lucrative career prospects. - Government initiatives like NEP 2020 and Digital India endorse innovation and technological advancement in the education sector. We firmly believe that we offer an outstanding opportunity for investors seeking high-growth and high-impact ventures in the education sector. We are confident in the strength of our product, the capabilities of our team, the vast market potential, and our clear vision to transform the Indian education system.


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