e-Commerce is fastest growing market these days. e-Commerce is basically nothing but to become a merchant for virtual shop; other than that all other things will be same as physical shop. In e-Commerce, your web portal / website is your main shop from where you can be either successful or go down. We have built a robust and vast e-commerce platform which can be competitive with any leading portals. We have spent months behind R&D to make one of the best e-Commerce portal. We have got more than 500 products to sell and merchant tie ups. We have processed 600+ orders processed till the date and adding more everyday. We have dedicated server on lease in USA and a server management company managing the server from USA only. Every month we get around 20,000+ page views and very low bounce rate. The portal is Deals as well as portal engine together which can be either both or any one anytime from admin section. Please feel free to contact for more information.


I have other business to look after so cannot give full time to the business.

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