A popular online marketplace startup in India is looking to raise equity based investments. Operating in a niche market and currently generating revenue. Deals into online food ordering platform for the Indian railway passengers. Basically a 'train delivery' service for the railway passengers where they get to have their favourite food from popular restaurants and fast food chains across India while they travel. Passengers can purchase their favourite food from our online marketplace and all details along with the real-time running status of the trains are passed on to the restaurants who deliver the food fresh and precise.Indian railways is one of the largest railway networks in the world with approx 9 billion passengers catered to annually. Looking to raise funds for growth, marketing, HR and capacity expansion.This has huge potential and is a very good opportunity. Company has a serviceable addressable market of over 150 million passengers each month who is an internet user who books their train ticket online. We are currently growing exponentially on this niche market with zero burn on marketing and currently looking to raise funds for our next stage of growth, capacity expansion and marketing. We are looking to raise funds upto 85,00,000 INR (150,000 USD) by diluting upto 25% stake in the company.


Raising funds for growth, marketing and capacity expansion.This is not an outright sale.We are selling our company shares to raise capital.

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