The dairy is a part of a large established group, having interest in various food businesses. This dairy processing unit is jus 34 Kms away from Kolkata at Narsinghpur, Post: Chhota Jagulia, Dist: North 24 Paraganas, West Bengal.

Item Installed Capicity (per day) Present Sale (per day)
Liquid Milk  
1, 00,000 Litres 15,000 Litres
Dahi   1,000 Kgs 100 Kgs
Lassi  1,000 Litres  200 Litres
Butter Milk  500 Litres -
Paneer  500 Kgs  500 Kgs
Ice-cream  5,000 Litres  1,000 Litres
Ghee   1,000 Kgs 100 Kgs
SMP  10,000 Kgs  -
The Dairy is selling their products through more than 65 distributors throughout West Bengal. The processing unit is situated in a land area of 0.90 Acres with constructed area of around 19,000 sq. ft. The unit is well-equipped with requisite plant and machinery and with infrastructure of adequate capacities like DG set, transformer, water filter, boiler, cold rooms and laboratory, ETP etc. In addition to above the company has 11 bulk milk collection centers (BMCs) situated at strategic places for regular collection of raw milk. It has various licenses in place for the running of unit. Promoters are interested in selling the assets only.
Asking price: INR 23 Crores.



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