The Cotton Ginning Mill was started in 2015 and is located in Pathardi, Ahmednagar. The mill has 4.5 acres of Indusrial and Commercial NA land located on National Highway with 250 ft. front. Mill is a Government cotton federation procurement centre as well. All the machinery with factory building is of Bajaj. Mill has concrete platform of 11,000 sq.ft. for cotton, 625 sq.ft. fully furnished office, 700 sq.ft Staff room and 10-12 labour sheds, 30000 ltrs. water storage sump.
- 24 hrs express feeder electricity supply, for which 7.5 kms separate electricity line from substation.
- Rockway weighbridge.
- Firefighting system.
- Moisture system for lint.
- Hardbox for cleaning of heavy particles.
- Down packing press.
- Precleaner.
- 24 Double rolling DR Golden jubilee machines.
- Supercleaner.
Stamp duty on sale / purchase transaction is waived off and DIC subsidy is applicable. Factory is fully functional and production ready.The production capacity of the mill is 250 bales per day. This ginning is located in a very huge cotton belt, so the raw material available is in abundance. It is located between Shevgaon and Gevrai which are both huge cotton marketplaces. There is no other ginning nearby in a 25km radius for competition. Their main customers are cotton traders and spinning mill from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. The company sells the product under their brand name. The total employees are 22.
The Asking price is INR 4.5 Cr.


Lack Of Management

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