Cloud Kitchen Raising Seed Funds In Thiruvananthapuram

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Product / Service

It is a cloud kitchen serving authentic Iranian biryani.

Clientele type

Online food delivery platforms



Lease per month (in INR): 15,000

Security Deposit (in INR): 30,000

Carpet Area: 800 sq ft

Asking Price Includes

The terms of transaction will be discussed with potential investors.


The promoter is raising seed funds to establish the cloud kitchen.

Other Details

It is a modern food venture aimed at capitalizing on the ever-popular Biryani cuisine. Operating as a delivery-only kitchen, we intend to offer a diverse range of Biryani combos to cater to the tastes and preferences of our customers. Our business model focuses on efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction, all while maintaining a cost-effective and scalable operation.
The goal is to tap into the growing demand for convenient and delicious meals delivered right to customers' doorsteps. With my extensive culinary expertise, I'm excited about the prospect of opening a cloud kitchen. My vision is to target sales of 100 Biryani combos, and the initial setup cost for this venture is estimated at 4.5 lakh INR. Here's a breakdown of the expenses:
Provision and Grocery: 60,000 INR
Cooking Utensils: 60,000 INR
Fridge: 30,000 INR
Microwave: 10,000 INR
Packaging Containers: 85,000 INR
Delivery Jute Bags: 1 lakh INR
House Rent: 15,000 INR
Deposit: 30,000 INR
FSSAI Registration: 3,000 INR
The total initial investment is 3.9 lakh INR, leaving a balance of 60,000 INR for working capital to purchase chicken, curd, and vegetables. Each Biryani combo is priced at 400 INR, resulting in a total revenue of 40,000 INR for 100 combos. This means that the initial investment of 4.5 lakh INR can be recovered within just 12 days, allowing for pure profit in the subsequent days.

With this cloud kitchen startup, we anticipate a monthly turnover of 12 lakh INR, translating to an annual revenue of 1.44 crore INR.

This promising financial outlook reflects the potential for rapid growth and profitability in the cloud kitchen business, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Market Analysis:
Market Demand: Biryani is a beloved and timeless dish, with a consistently high demand across demographics.
Competition: While there are existing Biryani restaurants and cloud kitchens, our unique combinations and focus on efficient delivery will set us apart.
Target Audience: Urban professionals, students, families, and Biryani enthusiasts.

Products and Services:
Biryani Combos: We offer a variety of Biryani combos that include different proteins (chicken, mutton, vegetarian), spice levels, and side dishes.
Delivery: Orders can be placed through our website or partner food delivery platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber Eats.
Quality Assurance: We prioritize high-quality ingredients, hygienic preparation, and timely delivery.

Marketing Strategy:
Online Presence: We'll establish a professional website and engage in active social media marketing to reach a wider audience.
Partnering with Delivery Platforms: Collaboration with food delivery apps will increase visibility and accessibility.
Customer Loyalty Programs: Implement loyalty programs, discounts, and referral rewards to retain customers.
Customer Reviews: Encourage customers to leave reviews and use positive feedback in marketing campaigns.

Operations Plan:
Location: Lease a central kitchen space equipped with cooking facilities and storage.
Staffing: Hire experienced chefs, kitchen staff, and delivery personnel.
Supply Chain: Build relationships with reliable suppliers for fresh ingredients.
Technology: Implement order management systems for efficient order processing.

Financial Plan:
Startup Costs: Initial investment required for kitchen setup, equipment, licenses, and marketing.
Revenue Model: Generate revenue through Biryani sales, with a focus on high-margin combos.
Pricing Strategy: Competitive pricing with a focus on value for money.
Profit Projections: Expect to break even within the first year and achieve a healthy profit margin thereafter.

Funding Needs:
We are seeking an investment of 4.5 Lk to cover startup costs, initial marketing, and operational expenses.
Investors will receive 50% equity in return for their investment.

Risks and Mitigations:
Competition: Competition is fierce in the food industry. To mitigate, we will focus on unique combos and exceptional service.
Market Trends: Changing consumer preferences may impact sales. Regular menu updates will address this concern.
Supply Chain Disruptions: Backup suppliers and inventory management will minimize disruptions.

Exit Strategy:
We envision two potential exit strategies:
Acquisition: Selling the business to a larger food conglomerate looking to expand its cloud kitchen portfolio.
Franchising: Expanding and franchising the business to multiple locations and eventually selling franchise rights.

The Cloud Kitchen represents an exciting opportunity in the ever-evolving food industry. With the enduring popularity of Biryani and a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we are well-positioned for success. We invite potential investors to join us on this flavorful journey to deliver delicious Biryani combos to our customers' doorsteps while enjoying a promising return on investment.


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