It is a chemical manufacturing company based in Pune. The company is into manufacturing of different solvents like acetates, Distillation of Solvents like, Acetone, IPA, MIBK, DMF, DMSO, Toluene etc. The plant is on a land of 12000 Sq. Meters. Electricity connection is also available at the plant, HT Connection with 125 Kv connected load. The plant has new generation machinery and automated cost-saving systems through which large sized production is possible with minimum required manpower. It is looking for investments which would be used for working capital, maintenance, to clear partial debt from the bank and manufacture new products Mono Chloro Benzene, Para Nitro Benzene, Per Chloro Acetic Acid, Methyl Esters and Fatty acid esters. It already has handsome orders in hand and estimated next year profit is over INR 4.75 Cr. The investment requirement is of INR 5 Cr. in lieu of equity. In case, anybody wants to acquire the plant, the selling price is set at INR 9.3 Cr.


Looking to scale up

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