Cement plant with capacity of 250 TPD and 9.5 acres of land is for sale in Karnataka. Mining area of lime stones is 4.45 hectors lease area (forest). The plant is shut since almost 3 years if the buyer is interested complete setup can be done by us. The factory has some licensing fees, and company is allotted land for raw materials and the amount as to be spent on it. Currently, it has raw materials of around Rs. 4 Crores. Some of the assets and facilities owned by the plant include: Mechanized plant of vertically killons, Tow killon 50*2, 75*2, Raw mill capacity 100 tonnes, Crusher size 9*8, Borwell - 01, Quarters - 06, Offices - 01, Mess - 01, Weight bridge - 01, 03 lorries 10 wheelers, 03 lorries 06 wheelers, One bolero, One campher, One JCB, Three tractors and One compressor. Asking Price: Rs. 25 Crores.


The plant is presently shutdown but everything can be organised by us till the plant is operational in the above mentioned amount

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