We have Bombay Stock Exchange Listed company for sale, listed since 1986. It is a Non-manufacturing, Non Finance company (Ex NBFC which has been de-registered with RBI}. It can be used as standalone or for Merger purposes / Nationally / Internationally / Third country Merger medium etc. for your invested companies so that they get listed on the stock exchange. You can exit the investments by market sale, preferential allotments, and private placements. QIP, ADR, GDR, FCCB. Private Equity and Venture capital Investments at market driven value at appropriate time. Authorized Capital: Rs 2 Crores. Issued Capital: Rs.1 Crore. (10 lakh shares of Rs 10/- each) . Object Clause: It can as on today conduct All types of Food business, Construction and Infrastructure business including SEZ (special economic zones both IT & Industry SEZ),Engineering and contracting business, Agricultural business i.e. all types of agricultural activity including contract farming, Warehousing etc. It has vast other objects which can be adopted by passing necessary resolutions to alter the object clause. Asking Price: INR 1.5 Cr.


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