Company is into existence since last 3 years. The company is based in Pune. It deals into trading of bio-fuel for various industries across Maharashtra. Has served over a 20 customers since inception, now achieved iconic status, brand recall and awareness. This is a green product so accepted globally. Companies prefer such product as they wish to go for green certifications and ISO-TS. Day by day scarcity of other fuel options like oil, diesel, wood and coal is creating the demand for this product. Inflation in the other fuel options is too high which is really hampering today’s industry. Technical and marketing support will be given to the person who is buying this company. All technical details will be shared and marketing data will be handed over. We will take him/her to all the manufacturing plants and to all the clients. Looking to sell off the business as one of partner is moving abroad. The company turnover for 2012-2013 was Rs. 35, 00,000. Turnover for year 2013-2014 was Rs. 55, 00,000. Asking Rate: Rs. 15, 00,000


Partner is moving Abroad

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