Manufacture of Rice from paddy

Clientele Type



Own Land – measuring 98.615 Kattahs (71,000 sq. feet)

Asking Price Includes

a) Land b) Building & Shed c) Plant & Machinery d) Truck


The company is into liquidation, hence the assets required to be sold in order to repay the debts of the creditors.

Other Details

The Registered Private Limited Company is started in the year 2011
Operations of the firm have been stopped from September 2017.
Now as it's gone to liquidation, wants to sellout All Assets to pay off the debt.
Capacity of the Rice Plant is - 39,200 tons p.a
The Liquidation value of land & building as per valuation report- 2.41 Cr
The Liquidation value of plant & machinery as per valuation report- 2.23 Cr
A) Land – measuring 98.615 Kattahs (71,000 sq. feet)
B) Building & Shed- Consisting of Sub-Station, Godowns, Administrative Building, Rice Mill Shed, Paddy Cleaning Section, Drying & Boiler Foundation, Store Room, Security Room, D.G Room etc
C) Plant & Machinery- Such as Paddy Cleaner Unit, Hot Soaking Parboiling
with Tank, 500 KVA inbuilt Transformer, Steam Dryer Plant, Paddy Rice Bran Cleaner, Bran Separator, Rice Cone Polisher, Elevator, Husk Fired PBC Steam Boiler, Water Treatment Plant, Compressor, Color Sortex Machine etc.
D) Truck- 10 Wheeler

Asking price of Land & Assets is 5.17 Cr
If someone is looking for Land then the option is also available.
For Land, Asking Price is INR 2.42 Cr

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