Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Company in Bangalore for Partnership

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Listing IDSL002284 Asking Price (in INR) INR 35.00 Lac Last Year TurnoverINR 11.00 Lac EBITDA/ Operating Margin % 75%
  • Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Company in Bangalore for Partnership

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We develop and power a variety of products and services that are aimed to facilitate automation of infrastructure for people and businesses worldwide.


Healthcare, Indian Army, IT Companies, MNCs and Education


Registered office in Bangalore and administrative in Pune


Started in 2015, we’ve taken our time to establish ourselves as a recognized AI brand among our clients by consistently delivering results that were higher than expected.
We invested our own time and resource to build re-usable software tools and algorithms (frameworks) to enable us to compete with our competitors by completing projects in a very short development cycle for our client.
We've spent 5 years to build 4 unique IPs to help us stand out and cater to our clients' unique visions. We now work with corporations in the field of Healthcare, IT and even the Indian Army.
As a startup, it was important that we proved our capabilities and relying on the same technologies as our competitors, wouldn’t give us an edge.
Over time our frameworks have matured and are now being used by various clients including top enterprises.
The recognition of our technologies gave us the opportunity to work with our clients who tested our capabilities on innovative AI solutions during PoC stages.
Now our clients want us to go big with production-level projects as we’ve gained their trust in PoC stages. This indeed requires us to expand our infrastructure and developer base to handle large projects and hence we are looking of doing so by giving away 20% of our company share to our new partner.
We are a team of 7 in total and have successfully established ourselves as an AI brand capable of handling cases where innovation was the key.
Our brand recognition is our biggest asset as a number of our clients chose us by seeing the technologies we offer.
Till date, we've been spending our own resource and time but now as we've built enough trust with our clients we are now looking to expand to enter the next milestone.
They are looking to raise INR 35 lakhs.


20% stake in the company and annual profit sharing from next financial year.

IndustrySoftware Development & Support LocationBangalore
Total Views1936 Last Active4 days ago
Entity typeLimited Liability Partnership Started in 2015
Transaction TypeRaise Funds (via debt)
Raise Funds (via equity)
ReasonNeed to quickly expand capability, resources and development power to handle upcoming larger projects of clients.

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