E Procurement and E Sales Solution, Integrating Process between Organizations

Clientele Type

Clients Catered: Their customer base encompasses all sectors and sizes, from small businesses to industry leaders.
* From companies having turnover of 10 Cr to 500 Cr
* From companies using a 5 user system to a 150 user system



Asking Price Includes

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We wish to partner with a company who would be able to add value to our Vision of developing a Global VMS Solution Vendor Management System

Other Details

This ERP Software firm incorporated in 2000 as a Private Limited company. One of the few Indian companies They Innovated and Developed a Rapid Application Development Framework ELIT Easy Logic Implementation Tool .
Using this ELIT RAD TOOL Integrated Enterprise Solutions were developed across diversified Industrial Verticals with MS SQL Server as the backend database .
They are one of the few Indian ERP companies that stand out among their Indian Competitors.
IBS ERP has been compared to Global ERP vendors.
New Product Offering:
Vendor Management System VMS platform would help in building effective communication between the Buyer and Supplier organizations to improve timely decision making in the enterprise. It integrates Vendor Supplier business processes into a single solution sharing critical business data across the partner ecosystem. Competition in our market place is growing every day in strength and in numbers. It’s imperative to continuously reduce operational cost, improve decision making among our enterprise business partners. To sustain growth and remain competitive, an integrated Vendor Supplier Platform is no longer an option, but a necessity. Vendors contribute to the bottom line of companies, making them competitive and hence important Partners in Business. Seamless communication between Buyers and Suppliers is critically important to the health of any business. A Vendor Management Platform will provide better monitoring and control the easier distribution of information, process integration, and connectivity across the partner ecosystem.
75% of the product development has been achieved.

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