Ahmedabad Based Surgical Company Is Looking to Appoint Super Stockist

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Listing IDSL006151 Asking Price (in INR)10,000,000 Last Year TurnoverINR 30,000,000 EBITDA/ Operating Margin % 20%
  • Ahmedabad Based Surgical Company Is Looking to Appoint Super Stockist

Business Details


The company produces surgical items and sells them to wholesalers, more than 50 active clients. More than 1500 products are supplied by the company. There are many products which do not have any competition in the market due to the size of the market size of these products. The products are manufactured (on contract) at various device companies. The company also has 30 plastic made molds and around 20 metal molds.


Gujarat based wholesalers of surgical items.


Currently the sales and marketing both is handled by the promoter


The promoter is not having a second line management and hence looking for a super stockist who would take care of many day to day activities and the promoter will get time to focus on business development via producing newer devices.


The investment amount is required by the super stockist for inventory & working capital and the infrastructure for the first year.

IndustryMedical Device LocationAhmedabad
Total Views289 Last Active2+ months ago
Entity typePublic Limited Started in 2003
Transaction TypeDistribution Employees6
ReasonCompany is looking to appoint an exclusive distributor

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