Buying and Selling Business: Connections Made Easier

Newsletter Issue 41
September 2016
Still looking for the right buyer / investor?
Finding the right buyer for your business and getting connected with him can be a painstaking and tiring task, especially when you are trying to sell your business while keeping it confidential.

Now we are offering you a quick and easy way to connect with our registered and curated buyers.

Connecting Businesses with Opportunities

Newsletter Issue 34

February 2016

BizNews: Your Monthly Refresher for Buying and Selling of Business in India

Connecting Businesses with Opportunities
The idea of looking to buy a business starts by finding and connecting with the right opportunity at the right time. Most aspiring investors put a lot of effort into choosing the right business they are looking to acquire. In our experience, it stands true that an organised approach will help you find the right business.

Let us help you in connecting with the right Business Opportunities for Investment in India.

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Growing Trend in SMEs Industries

In today’s globalized world India has emerged as an engine of global economic growth where the average GDP run rate is 7.2 per cent. This is encouraging creation and implementation of more and more policies focusing on further growth. The government’s intent to rejuvenate the Indian economy has positively affected the business environment. Indian companies are now getting more aggressive in acquisition scenario as they can see the government’s vision. This is completely visible in the market because of some major takeovers that have happened in the recent past.

The problem arises with MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) segment where it is difficult to exit or expand i.e. selling a business or buying a business since it is difficult to market them and help them reach the right audience and also because of the high charges of investment banking companies.

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