Selling Your Own Business, A New Approach

Until maybe just a few years ago, selling your business was considered a taboo. Traditions defined that the son must follow the footsteps of his father, and join the family business. But with changing trends in the mentality of people, the business environment, and the constant need to create something bigger and better, the stigma is vanishing quickly, and selling business is no longer looked down upon.

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Exit Strategies for SME’s in India

Every now and then, several SME’s have been thinking on the exit strategy from their business. The most common exit plan for SME’s is the out-and-out sale of the business.

There could be various reasons for which the owner decides to sell the business. Irrespective of the reasons [why’s] or motivations, the business owner should be confident that the real object is met – the business is sold. Read more here :

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Selling a Family Business Made Easy

Selling a family business is not forbidden in India. Let it grow rather than making it a stagnant pool of water. Communication plays an important role in any aspect of life. Off late, we understand the significance of communication especially in the long run of business. It compiles of business strategies, verbal and non-verbal, official and confidential. At the same time, lack of communication can ruin the business to the dust. Exchanging information and conversing with others can boost business relationship. There are a few points to be considered before selling. You need a perfect vision to sell your business.

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SUCCESS STORY – Selling a Business in India

In just a course of few months after IndiaBizForSale started its venture in India to make the business buyers and the business sellers meet, it successfully helped a professional business broker find a financial institution in Chennai he was looking for his client to acquire for further expansion of his business.

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Why Creating a Listing at is the best way forward to successfully sell your business in India?

Once your business requirement listing is created and approved by our client success team, your listing will become available for search to active business buyers and business brokers. Interested parties who are attracted to your business listing can contact you for more information on your business for sale. This is a standard process when you advertise in newspaper, magazine or other website etc…

At you will see much more effective practice for connecting to the prospective buyer(s) who want acquire/ invest in your business.

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Selling a Business – A Case Study

If you want to sell a business then complete knowledge of your business and the market is the key. In the business world, case studies are such readily available and powerful tool from which you can replicate the success by avoiding critical mistakes. Many cases studies have been published about selling business quickly at maximum price. Case studies are such reference guides of the business world to look at the solved problems to solve our own.

From the pool of available case studies on how to sell a business successfully, we have picked one of the best case studies here under for your quick reference. This case study shall guide you on how to prepare best to sell your business.

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5 Mistakes Generally Business Sellers Make In India

You don’t have second chance to sell your business at good price. If you sell business in India, please make sure that you avoid these mistakes and you will sell your business quickly and at a good price.


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Important Tips to Sell Business In India at Maximum Price

I want to sell my business at the maximum price! Yes, this is the statement you will hear from every business owner who wants to Sell a Business in India including yourself. And, it is obvious. We understand that you have started, nurtured, maintained and grown your business like your own child and therefore your emotions are attached to it. If anyone undervalues your business it hurts. We have observed that approximately 80% businesses are sold for less. The reason is simple, seller has not prepared well and due to lack of knowledge, their proposal lacks the required punch which needs to hit buyer’s mind instantly.

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I want to Sell my Business – Is it a Right Decision?

Today in India, you will find many business owners want to sell their business for variety of reasons and if you have thought or decided the same, nothing wrong in it. Selling business in India, especially with small to medium business owners, is still a taboo owing to social stigma. But as you know, the business world is changing every day, and selling and acquisition of businesses is very common now a days. You are living in today’s fast economy and you need to take advantage of available Business Opportunities if it is favourable to you. We underline that selling business is very important decision and affects many aspects of your professional and personal life. It needs deep thought process supported by facts and figures, which makes it right.

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