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  • V C Karthic is a serial entrepreneur, angel-investor, leadership coach, startup mentor and contributor to the startup ecosystem in India. 
  • Among the highlights of his exciting journey is founding Buzzworks in 2001 (IT solutions company), which has more than 15,000 employees on payroll with multi hundred crore turnover in a short span.

Recently, IndiaBiz had invited him to address a Masterclass where he talked about “Acquisition and Investment as a Growth Strategy”. Major aspects covered were:

M&A Mythbusting > Investment thesis > Large Pipeline > Management Meetings > LOI –  Negotiations  >  Closure

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Hearty Mart Supermarket (started in February 2004 by Mr. Nadeem Jafri) has grown into a chain of retail stores operating under the brand name of Hearty Mart. Standing amidst the bigwigs operational in the Indian market, Hearty Mart is a name that is emerging and focusing on tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India and making inroads into the rural sector. With access to very limited capital, learn how Mr Nadeem Jafri grew Hearty Mart into many franchises and different verticals. Click to read more

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Newsletter Issue 35
March 2016

BizNews: Your Monthly Refresher for Buying and Selling of Business in India

Find Buyers To Sell Your Business

In last 2 years and 3 months, as a platform we have grown many folds. We have received the applaud from many users who have successfully closed transactions, earned mandates, formed partnerships etc. We are very glad to share below highlights

Successes so far
12             Business Transactions Closed
15,000+  Sell-side & Buy-side Direct Introductions
1,150+     Business Opportunities: Sell-side Listings
1,850+     Businesses Wanted: Buy-side Listings is India’s largest platform providing easy solution for SMEs to find the counter party to a business sale transaction. Let us help you in connecting with the right Business Opportunities in India.

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Where Do You Go To Sell Your Business ? ! by

 Whenever a large business is being sold, the world knows about it, there are analyst speculations, media writes endlessly about who the potential bidders might be and so on. Till the company gets sold, you feel like you are watching a thriller movie. However, have you ever tried selling a small business. If yes you would know that selling a small company takes so much time, money and effort that you might be lucky if your business actually gets sold. IndiaBizForSale, a Premium Discovery Platform designed for SMEs Business Exit and Acquisition in India, now helps small business with this task.

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Selling Your Own Business, A New Approach

Until maybe just a few years ago, selling your business was considered a taboo. Traditions defined that the son must follow the footsteps of his father, and join the family business. But with changing trends in the mentality of people, the business environment, and the constant need to create something bigger and better, the stigma is vanishing quickly, and selling business is no longer looked down upon.

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Important Tips to Sell Business In India at Maximum Price

I want to sell my business at the maximum price! Yes, this is the statement you will hear from every business owner who wants to Sell a Business in India including yourself. And, it is obvious. We understand that you have started, nurtured, maintained and grown your business like your own child and therefore your emotions are attached to it. If anyone undervalues your business it hurts. We have observed that approximately 80% businesses are sold for less. The reason is simple, seller has not prepared well and due to lack of knowledge, their proposal lacks the required punch which needs to hit buyer’s mind instantly.

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