Just Crossed 2500 Business Listings! – Here’s Our Journey So Far started in 2013 with the core mission of helping small and medium business owners sell their businesses instead of closing shop. Back then, we were largely business owner(seller)-centric – i.e. only sell-side listings existed on our platform and made a humble beginning with just 50 businesses looking for exit listed on the platform.

The first revelation happened when we discovered that our platform could also serve buyers and investors in a large way. While we always had buyer registrations, we soon noticed that the number of registered buyers on our platform was 2-3 times more than that of the sellers, and yet we did not have any buyer listings yet! We were constantly receiving inquiries from them and soon we realized that we would need to focus on buy-side listings as well and showcase their requirements.

After a while, we again widened our scope in another direction – this time towards expanding the kind of transactions we supported. While our platform always had the option of part-sale, it was focused more on asset-sale and sale of non-core business. Soon, we realized that our platform can also help businesses looking for more mainstream growth options such as raising investment, joint ventures and distribution partnerships, and so we widened our listing opportunities to include such growth options as well.

In this way, from a seller-centric platform we became a business matchmaking platform, and today we have listed over 5,500 buyers and investors, and 2,500 sellers and over 25,000 registered professionals are using our platform.

Even as we speak, we are reaping the benefits of evolving into a matchmaking platform. The matchmaking approach has shown its wonders with a considerable number of matches already being made – and what’s more – from among these matches, we have a closed a number of deals as well! Over the last few years, we have successfully closed multiple deals across several sectors such as Healthcare and Pharma, Education, IT and ITes, Manufacturing, and Financial Services.

More recently, we also filled a critical gap in the ecosystem by addressing the need for providing advisory support to both buyers and sellers. This has sparked our transition towards becoming an end-to-end deal-making platform where we extend expert transaction advisory services, dedicated attention of a deal associate, and high-involvement deal-making services such as negotiation, targeted scouting, and tapping into third party deal prospects.

We took this a step further by pioneering a novel deal-making event in India called the Business Buyer’s Club. It is our ambitious attempt to fast-track deal discovery by bringing together highly curated and credible prospects from both buy-side and sell-side. Handpicked businesses were showcased to a cohort of genuine buyers and investors in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, followed by networking and matchmaking that facilitated personal interaction between buyers, investors and business owners. We have received tremendous response from the event participants in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, and along the way we also joined hands with esteemed organizations FICCI and GCCI who shared a joint vision with us – and event outreach partners such as eChai, TiE and ah! Ventures. We are thankful for the enthusiastic support we have received from every corner and more events like these are definitely on the cards.

Even as we evolve and transform, our larger goals remain the same – we are here to make SME deal-making hassle-free, quick, and exciting, and have miles to go before we rest.

Onwards and Upwards: More Business Opportunities


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Turning 3 – !!!

We are super excited to announce that we are only few days away to turning 3 as a company. For many, it is a milestone to prove that the company is here to stay.

In this year, we have grown to a team of 9; moved to working space at CIIE incubation by IIM Ahmedabad; passed through accelerator program Gujarat Accelerator in flying colours; established tie-up with for more visibility to our listing owners; exhibited and participated in Vibrant Gujarat and many more exciting activities.

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Expanding Horizons for Business Buyers and Sellers in India

July 7th 2015 Ahmedabad, India

It is great news for all the entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in India, India’s largest online platform,, which is helping businesses get bought and sold, has decided to give its customers a better and wider reach and hence has empanelled with another web portal, which is a well-known online classified ad portal, for listing their prospective sellers from today. and have decided to ensure that all the business for sale listings available on would also be now available on for the potential buyers to explore. Having said that, the companies have also decided that only a broad description of the listings would be posted and no information regarding the identity of the seller or the company would be disclosed on either or giving them the much deserved privacy and confidentiality.

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How to Quickly Sell or Buy Small to Medium Business Online in India?

How to sell or buy business quickly and at the best price is the biggest challenge faced by small and medium entrepreneurs in India. Selling or buying a business is a sensitive issue and needs careful ground work without proper information and knowledge. Also to find the genuine and serious buyers or sellers is a tedious task.

The traditional approach is to advertise in the newspapers or in trade magazines or take help of professional consultants. However both these approaches are costly while former’s response is question mark and short lived while later is expensive as professionals charge huge commission or retainer fees. Continue reading “How to Quickly Sell or Buy Small to Medium Business Online in India?”