Business Valuation Methods – Income Approach

Whether you have a business for sale or want to acquire a business, you should do valuation of your business. If company valuation is done properly, you will be able to ask fair market price and increase the chances of getting deal closed quickly. There are various methods used for business valuation such as Capital Asset Pricing Model, Modified Capital Asset Pricing Model and Weighted Average cost of Capital. We have explained here few business valuation method using Income approach to help you understand it.

Valuation based on Income approach demonstrates how to value a company based on its ability to generate desired income or economic benefits to its owners. The financial benefits such as discretionary cash flow or net cash flow is multiplied, discounted or capitalized to perform business valuations. Proper selection of capitalization rate or discount rate or valuation multiples will be the key for effective valuation of your business. Continue reading “Business Valuation Methods – Income Approach”

Selling a Business – A Case Study

If you want to sell a business then complete knowledge of your business and the market is the key. In the business world, case studies are such readily available and powerful tool from which you can replicate the success by avoiding critical mistakes. Many cases studies have been published about selling business quickly at maximum price. Case studies are such reference guides of the business world to look at the solved problems to solve our own.

From the pool of available case studies on how to sell a business successfully, we have picked one of the best case studies here under for your quick reference. This case study shall guide you on how to prepare best to sell your business.

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Selling or Buying Business through Online free Classifieds? Is it worth?

Since last many years there has been many debates or questions in the mind of business buyers or sellers popping up – is selling or buying business through online free classified websites is worth or not. Even this question would have come to your mind as well, as anything free is always tempting, but is it really worth for you and your final objective? Business selling and buying is very important decision and therefore you need to decide very carefully before taking up help of free classified website services. As the internet grown leaps and bound in recent years, there are 1000s of such websites are available and new are popping up every day.

Let’s take a look at if these free classified is of any worth to meet your objective of buying or selling a business quickly and at the right price.

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7 Things You Do After You Buy a Business

You bought a running business. Congratulations! So how have you planned to get your hands on it?

Your action plan for the initial period after you buy a running business would largely contribute to the success or failure of your business. With already lot of pressure and hundreds of ideas running on mind to grow the business, it is very easy to make mistakes in the initial phase of the business after you acquire it.

To ensure a smooth transition, here are the 7 things you should do right to lay a strong foundation for your business.

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How to Quickly Sell or Buy Small to Medium Business Online in India?

How to sell or buy business quickly and at the best price is the biggest challenge faced by small and medium entrepreneurs in India. Selling or buying a business is a sensitive issue and needs careful ground work without proper information and knowledge. Also to find the genuine and serious buyers or sellers is a tedious task.

The traditional approach is to advertise in the newspapers or in trade magazines or take help of professional consultants. However both these approaches are costly while former’s response is question mark and short lived while later is expensive as professionals charge huge commission or retainer fees. Continue reading “How to Quickly Sell or Buy Small to Medium Business Online in India?”

Outlook Money Article Covering IndiaBizForSale

Outlook money article “Buy out to be your own boss”. The article covers the advantage of buying an existing business over starting everything from scratch. Buying an existing business is a quick way to be an entrepreneur.

It also highlights factors to be considered before deciding which business to buy and also tip on how to find an existing business matching your business needs and requirements. Click here to read more …

5 Mistakes Generally Business Sellers Make In India

You don’t have second chance to sell your business at good price. If you sell business in India, please make sure that you avoid these mistakes and you will sell your business quickly and at a good price.


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Important Tips to Sell Business In India at Maximum Price

I want to sell my business at the maximum price! Yes, this is the statement you will hear from every business owner who wants to Sell a Business in India including yourself. And, it is obvious. We understand that you have started, nurtured, maintained and grown your business like your own child and therefore your emotions are attached to it. If anyone undervalues your business it hurts. We have observed that approximately 80% businesses are sold for less. The reason is simple, seller has not prepared well and due to lack of knowledge, their proposal lacks the required punch which needs to hit buyer’s mind instantly.

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I want to Sell my Business – Is it a Right Decision?

Today in India, you will find many business owners want to sell their business for variety of reasons and if you have thought or decided the same, nothing wrong in it. Selling business in India, especially with small to medium business owners, is still a taboo owing to social stigma. But as you know, the business world is changing every day, and selling and acquisition of businesses is very common now a days. You are living in today’s fast economy and you need to take advantage of available Business Opportunities if it is favourable to you. We underline that selling business is very important decision and affects many aspects of your professional and personal life. It needs deep thought process supported by facts and figures, which makes it right.

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Advantages of Buying an Existing Business

Considering Buying a Business? Well, it is a good investment idea so let’s have a look at key advantages of buying an existing business. This option is considered viable for those who have source of finance available to invest to buy existing business.

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