Ayurveda Hospital + Manufacturing Unit + Training college + Herbal garden

Clientele Type

Patients from all over the World


Website, franchise

Asking Price Includes

3 Acre land, running Ayurveda Hospital with 40 bed, 30,000 sq. feet total building, manufacturing unit with license, Ayurveda BSc training college license, herbal garden


It is been running by the 3rd generation and the current new generation is not interested, because most of them are settled abroad

Other Details

72 years old Reputed Family/partnership Business established in 1947. It is situated in Kottayam District.
The hospital is very famous and reputed for excellent treatments in Kerala. Now running by Qualified doctors of 3rd Generation.
All licenses are current and up to date for the hospital.
Green leaf certification by Tourism Department for the hospital, Government of Kerala
23 big rooms currently operational in the hospital building
Panchakarma Treatment rooms - 3
Yoga & Meditation center
Health Club
Conference Hall
82 Kv generator
Total built-up area - 30,000 sq.feet.
Out of this 15,000 sq.feet area, only 70% completed so more 6 rooms will be available for hospital
Special treatments offered at the hospital:
Dementia, Alzheimer’s diseases, Congenital disorders – ENT, Eyesight improvement, Diabetic Gangrene, Cerebral Palsy, Nicotine Gangrene

All GMP license active for manufacturing Ayurveda patented products, oils, power, and other medicines. The factory is Dormant since 2014 due to lack of working capital.
GMP certified manufacturing unit with latest machinery
33 patented products
Licence 25 - D&L-2
Many unique Ayurveda products – very famous once
Sales through Distributors / Franchise etc.

Award-winning herbal garden with 400 special varieties. Special rare Herbs available in the herbal garden like Maramanjal, Sahasravedhi, Dasamoolam – except Gokshuram.

Government license for 3 years BSc in Ayurveda Therapy course. Charitable trust started in 1989 conducting Ayurveda panchakarma Training Course. College is Dormant.
Number of seats - 50 seats out of which 15 seats are management seat
Fees charged - INR 2.40 lakh per student

Proposed ROI:
With 23 treatment rooms currently available
With 80% of occupancy - income approximately - INR 28 lakh per month
With 60% of occupancy - income approximately - INR 20 lakh per month
List of Machinery:
1. Pulveriser - 1
2. Disintegrator - 7 HP
3. Micro pulverizer - 1
4. Power Ammi - 2
5. Grinder - 2
6. Dryer - 1
7. Thermic Fluid - 1
8. Pills Cutter - 1
9. Pills roller - 1
10. Automatic Arishtam filling
11. Automatic lehyam filling
12. Stainless Steel fermentation vessel
13. Laboratory equipments for QC
14. Distillation apparatus
15. Finished Goods Storage
16. Raw Material store for dried medicines
17. Arishtam Storage Vessels
18. Cutting machine
19. Wet Juicer
20. Sealing machine
21. Root Washer
22. Ointment filling machines

Total Land: 3 Acres of land.
Hospital main building - 2359 sq.meters
Panchakarma centers - 87.82 sq.meters
Herbal garden - 1.5 Acres
Available land for future construction - 1.5 Acres
6 more rooms yet to be completed - structure is completed
Asking Price is INR 15 Crores.
Future Scope:
1. The buyer can revive the hospital/treatments and make this as one of the best Ayurveda specialty hospitals in Kerala.
2. More publicity can bring national and international IP / OP patients
3. Start manufacturing unit and specialized products, other medicines, oil/powder other cosmetic products, can be sold in house and outside as well. 65% profit from Ayurveda Products.
4. Government is promoting / financing the herbal garden so you could get some grant.
5. invest little more money to complete the rest of the building so you will have a total of 29 rooms for accommodation and treatments in the hospital block.
6. We have 16 years experience in promoting Ayurveda treatments / Ayurveda products in India and around 45 countries, so we could help you in promoting your hospital in India and abroad for getting more patients, promote your products, establish your franchise for selling products and establishing Ayurveda clinics and treatments in India and abroad. We have established Ayurveda in Turkey, Hungary, Dubai, Georgia, USA, Italy, Germany, Tashkent, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Mauritius, UK, and many more countries.

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